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This is the page where you get to read a little more about our philosophy and the stupidity of a lot of things that go on in the world. Some of these letters come from "letters to the editor" that we've sent out.

I applaud Redbook for running the article, “Your parents are getting older. Are you ready?” by Elizabeth Cohen (FEB 05 issue). You obviously felt that it would help women of the “sandwich” generation.  However, articles like yours don’t get at the root of the problem. Whether society will acknowledge it or not, the parent owes far more to the child than vice-versa. Yes, they may have cared for you, but by bringing you here they caused you to need that care. Society’s idea that we should pay someone back for something that they caused us to need is ludicrous.


The parents chose to bring people into this dangerous world knowing that they would suffer numerous illness, defeats, injuries, disappointments, physical and emotional pain, suffering and eventually age, decline and die. By bringing people here, parents cause them to need and to struggle for food, clothing, shelter, medical care etc., for their entire life. Yet, parents get off easy by only legally being required to provide these necessities for 17 years and many times they don’t even want to do this. Parents also pass on numerous diseases and defects to their children that cause them pain, suffering, hassle and expense.


There are many people who have not had children and they all age along with parents.  Yet, they seem to maintaining.  I bet the majority of parents can do so as well—if they ditch their entitlement attitudes and realize the truth about the parent-child relationship. If and when it gets to the point where they legitimately cannot care for themselves, then trained professionals should be called in. Unlike the majority of adult children, these professionals know how to handle mom without dislocating the poor woman’s shoulder during a bath.


Looking at it from a public health standpoint, the current eldercare system is hurting adult children—namely women. The resultant stress from this unfair situation causes stress and stress is a factor in many illnesses-from type 2 diabetes to infertility. At the very, very least, male children should be held equally responsible. Men generally have more physical strength than women, so wouldn’t it make more sense to have the son lifting ma and pa from the bed to the bath? The main reason that women are so much more stressed and depressed than men is because of the current situation. Ladies, heed my words, stand up for yourself and do what you must do for you regardless. Society’s plan will lead to the graveyard or the nutward if you let it.


****Faye Wilson




            Procreators will deny it to their graves, but I now believe that the mind of a breeder is more primal than the mind of a childfree.  Before you crucify me, hear me out. Breeders say that they are compelled to love their children even if he or she grows up to be another Hitler.  Their love for their children is “unconditional”.  This scares me and it should scare you as well. Sane people want to be loved for their character, personality, life choices etc. If you would feel the same way about me if I started another Holocaust a year from now as you feel about me today, then that would mean that there is something wrong with you. And I am no different from anyone else’s children. Substitute the word “me” or “I” in the preceding example for the name of your child and repeat the same sentence.

            It is neither intelligent nor compassionate to want to contribute your blood to the gene pool if you have a genetic defect such as diabetes or sickle cell anemia. It is neither intelligent nor compassionate to sentence someone to certain death under uncertain circumstances if you yourself don’t want to die. It is neither intelligent nor compassionate to expect your children to be your slaves for the next 50 years when you only gave them what you forced them to need for 17 years. Intelligence and logical compassion are fully human traits; traits that breeders seem to lack.

            “How dare you say that my love for my child is not real!”, some self-righteous sow is probably bleating right now. I never said it was not real. It is real alright. It is really animalistic and primitive. It is really based upon hormones and instincts—the same hormones and instincts of a fruit fly. Hormones and instincts are the only two things that could cause someone to love a murdering rapist or to be blind to the fact that your children’s blood is upon your hands. Animals, bless their hearts, are ruled by hormones and instincts. To be fully human means that you are able to override these things at least some of or most of the time. Being human also means being able to reason logically, see the consequences of our actions on the lives and the eventual deaths of these children and to be far-sighted in our thinking.  Sure that six month old baby is cute. By what about when that baby is 76 years old and crippled by arthritis and blinded by cataracts? Do you want to live in constant pain? Do you want to be blind? Then why sentence that to your children knowing full well that that is going to happen to all but a few of them?

            I will never understand how someone can read about the state of the world in the news everyday and still want to breed up another obituary column. I will never understand how someone can be arrogant and foolish enough to believe that their child of all of the millions born, will cure cancer or become another Einstein when their parents haven’t done anything similar to this. I will never understand how you can take your child half-way around the world for an experimental treatment for an inherited disorder when you simply could’ve avoided breeding if you or your mate had certain things in your genes. I will never understand how people can use “keeping the race strong” as an excuse for breeding when there are still children of their race rotting away in orphanages and foster homes. How will any race be strong if its members do not take care of first things first and when they try to walk before they can crawl? How will any race become strong if its members insist on breeding up defective children (cystic fibrosis for you whites, sickle cell anemia for you blacks)? I will never understand the brain of a breeder any more than I can understand what’s going through the mind of a cocker spaniel. They are primitive, illogical, “my blood is best” race baiters who are quick to soak up praise yet willing to put the bad on the shoulders of the Divine Plan of God. How primal.

We choose to call ourselves "childfree" rather than "childless," because we feel the term "childless" implies that we're missing something we want - and we aren't
Don't hide any longer!
Don't be ashamed of your superior choice!

Breeder: "We all came from breeders! Get over yourself!"
Childfree: "So that's why we have so many issues and problems with our parents!"

More Letters

Kudos to Time for printing “ Parents Behaving Badly” by Nancy Gibbs. It’s high time someone exposed these psychotic parents and showed them and the world how they’re hurting their children.


It’s a cold, harsh world parents and you knew that (or should’ve known) when you brought your children into it. Why then are you yelling and screeching at the very teachers who are preparing them to make a living in this world? Disgruntled parent Joseph Zillo says that he doesn’t “want to hear that you have 300 kids”, but that’s reality. Everyone is someone’s child and the world isn’t going to grind to a halt just for your children.


My hats are off to the teachers who deal with this mess because I couldn’t and I wouldn’t. I used to think that unruly pupils were the #1 cause of teacher stress, but I can see that the parents—who should know better—are often much worse.


In closing, I have two questions for all of the parents out there: what are you going to do when your antics have forced all of the best teachers out of the classroom? If you answered “home schooling”, how are you going to do that when all too many of you don’t even want to take the time to put down the newspaper and eat dinner with your own children?


*Anthony Rollins


"If children were brought into the world by an act of pure reason alone, would the human race continue to exist? Would a man rather have so much sympathy with the coming generation, as to spare it the burden of existence? Or at any rate not take it upon himself to impose that burden upon it in cold blood."

~Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)
from "Sufferings of the World" (1851)